James Rawes – Peritagens, Lda. are Lloyd’s Agents for all of continental Portugal since 1873 and our main activities are surveys, claims adjusting and recovery services.

We are also correspondents for the American Institute of Marine Underwriters since 1885 and Survey and Settling Agents for numerous Insurance Companies worldwide, including several European, North & South American, Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, Far Eastern & Oceana based Insurance Companies. We also carry out surveys on behalf of Brokers, worldwide Loss adjusters, Carriers and Forwarding agents.
We are Protection & Indemnity Club Correspondents, as well as surveyors and claims handlers in the field of Auto, Aviation and Non Marine Insurance classes.

We are part of the Lloyd’s Agency Network, dating back to the start of the 19th century, when Lloyd’s Agents were first appointed to report on shipping movements and casualties, a function of which we still carry out to this day. (For further information please refer to LLOYD’S AGENTS)

We employ our own in-house “staff surveyors” to carry out surveying activities and we also rely on a large number of independent experts such as Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, Master Mariners, Mechanical, Electrical/electronics & Chemical Engineers, Agronomists, Alimentary Experts, etc., as and when specialist expertise is required.

We have Offices or sub-agents located in all principal Portuguese Ports and through the unique network of agents, which we are part of, we are able to act promptly and efficiently anywhere in continental Portugal on behalf of our Principals.



Our team have experienced and qualified In house Surveyors who have all passed the Lloyd’s CCSP I,II & III examinations and can also rely on specialist independent surveyors to undertake Surveys in the following fields:

•All foodstuffs, including frozen, fresh and dried foodstuffs
•Forest products
•Iron steel and other metal/alloy cargoes
•Chemicals & pharmaceutical products
•Bulk cargo
•Electrical and electronic products
•Motor vehicles
•Hull and Machinery surveys
•Pre-loading and discharge surveys
•Container inspections
•FPR (first place of rest) surveys on motor vehicles
•Non marine assessments such as property/warehouse risk assessments
•Aircraft surveys
•Surveys on Yachts and small pleasure craft
•Draft surveys
•Stowage/lashing, tomming, bracing and securing inspection
•Outturn surveys
•Non marine surveys and investigations concerning thefts and damages (fire, flooding, etc.)
•Loss prevention services, including risk assessments, warehouse inspections, advice on suitability of packaging and securing facilities afforded for transportation purposes
•Non marine surveys and investigations concerning thefts and damages (fire/flooding, etc.)

Beyond carrying our surveys in mainland Portugal, as Lloyd’s agents we have access to large worldwide marine networks and are able to coordinate surveys anywhere abroad.

We have experienced staff on our team in this field and are instructed by numerous Insurance companies from all over the globe to adjust and settle claims on their behalf, as well as assisting them in resolving any problems which they may face with their clients locally.


We handle recoveries against third parties on behalf of many Cargo Underwriters on a “no cure, no pay” basis.

In the event that legal council is required we are able to rely on experienced Maritime Lawyers either to provide the best legal advice or to instigate court proceedings locally against third parties should our Principals wish to take them to court.


We are able to assist Cargo Underwriters or Owners in negotiating the best available salvage values and consequent sale of any salvage through our contacts in the local and international salvage markets.


We are Agents for a number of Insurance Companies and handle own/ material damage and third party liability claims on their behalf. We are able to rely on several Motor car Assessors located at strategic areas throughout all of Portugal.

We are currently correspondents for a number of Protection and Indemnity Clubs and have, over the years established excellent relations with the senior levels of the Portuguese ports and Maritime Authorities.
For legal matters we work closely with an experienced Maritime Law firm who are able to provide us/our Principals with their Expertise.


Our staff has a wide experience in handling travel insurance claims and also provides services in the field of medical assistance & repatriation of sick persons on behalf of our Principals.


A network of almost 300 Lloyd’s Agents and almost the same number of Lloyd’s Sub-Agents exists in every major port and important commercial city in the world, providing services to the global insurance industry and its clients.
The network is administered by the Lloyd’s Agency department at Lloyd’s of London and dates back to 1811, when the Committee of Lloyd’s decided that a network of Agencies should be set up to protect Underwriters interests, as well as supplying local shipping information and casualty intelligence for the London Insurance Market.
The above department administers and manages the network, providing training and technical support, with a team of experienced and qualified professionals, who are dedicated to ensuring that the network’s customers receive the highest quality service in their areas.
The Lloyd’s agency department are constantly striving for Lloyd’s agents to be the best marine service providers in their regions and to that effect they regularly audit and inspect all Lloyd’s agents who arerequired to demonstrate, amongst others, their solvency, their adherence to the established service level agreements, a high level of skill and competence as well as a high service level to their clients conducted with the highest of professional ethics.
The agency department also looks to ensure that an agent runs and efficient office, with sound file and data management systems.
In a nutshell Lloyd’s Agents maintains their appointment on the basis of :
•Integrity, impartiality & independence
•Their ability to supply local shipping and casualty information to the Shipping and Insurance markets.
•Expertise in carrying out or arranging pre- and post-loss marine cargo surveys for the insurance and other markets.
•Expertise in carrying out or arranging other surveys such as Hull and Machinery, non-marine, aviation, property risk assessment and many other classes, as well as adjusting/ settling claims and conducting subrogation (Recovery) claims against third parties.
•Beyond being able to rely on in-house Surveyors they are always able to refer to a number of independent experts in a specialist field, from different geographical areas within their jurisdiction, should this be required.
•Excellent reputation and local standing within the business community.
•Contacts and good relations with the local Authorities and knowledge of local laws, recent legislations, recent trends and developments within their market, etc.
•Active participation in all development programs managed by the Lloyd’s Agency department, which includes regular training seminars in order to qualify staff in basic and practical surveying, claims handling and recovery skills, meetings & important events within the international insurance market.

To learn about Lloyd’s please visit www.lloyds.com
To know our services please follow the link:

Lloyd's Agency Agents


Av. 24 de Julho, 126 - 1º Esq
P.O. Box 2122,
1350-346 LISBON,
T: +351 213470231 or
+351 213241842 /43/44/45
Out of office hours
+351 912344006
F: +351 213463832
E: surveys@jamesrawes.pt


Rua Hintze Ribeiro,
585 - Sala 301,
4450-692 MATOSINHOS,
T: +351 226094851 /52
Out of office hours
+351 917205557
F: +351 226002182
E: surveys.porto@jamesrawes.pt

Zona Intraportuária
Escritório 3.06.11 – piso 1,
Edificio Logistico A9,
7520-000 SINES,
T: +351 269632026 /27
F +351 269633815
E: surveys.sines@jamesrawes.pt

P.O. Box 142 - St. Vincent,
Cape Verde Islands
E: surveys@jamesrawes.pts.pt




For survey enquiries please either contact our head office in Lisbon at surveys@jamesrawes.pt or contact our Resident Surveyor, Jan Binkhorst on +351 913931073

For survey enquiries please contact our head office in Lisbon at surveys@jamesrawes.pt


Mr. David Evans


Involved in claims adjusting, recovery & P&I work since 1982 and also working as an All-round Surveyor since 1990.
Contacts: T: (Direct) +351 21 3241844, M: +351 912344006
E: davidevans@jamesrawes.pt

CCSP 1,2 & 3
Fluent in: English, Portuguese

Ms. Paula Pereira

Involved in Lloyd’s agency work since 1990. Apart from handling the financial and administrative side of the business, actively involved in Motor vehicle insurance claims, Aviation and P&I work.
Contacts: T: (Direct) +351 213241845,
E: ppereira@jamesrawes.pt

Fluent in: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish

Mr. Jan Binkhorst

Cargo Surveyor & Claims Ajuster

Surveyor since, 2007. All round-Surveyor specializing in steel and steel related products. Former Chief Officer in the Merchant Marine with six years sea-going experience and 18 years a sa Ship’s agent. Also involved in claims adjusting and recovery work.
Contacts: T: (Direct) +351213241842.
M: +351 913931073
E: jbinkhorst@jamesrawes.pt

CCSP 1 & 2

Fluent in: Dutch, English, Portuguese, German

Mr. Rodrigo Moreira

Claims Ajuster

With a background in marketing, actively involved in claims adjusting and recovery work since 2009.
Contacts: T: (Direct)+351213241843,

E: rmoreira@jamesrawes.pt
CCSP 1&2

Fluent in: Portuguese, German, English

Ms. Ana Paula Pereira

Claims Adjuster & Surveyor
Involved in Lloyd’s agency work since 1987, primarily involved in cargo surveying activities

CCSP 1&2

Fluent in: Portuguese, English

Ms. Raquel Montes

Claims Ajuster
Involved in Lloyd’s agency work since 1991, primarily in claims adjusting and recovery work.

Fluent in: Portuguese, English